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Swift with backpack Siggi

- You want an adequate RC paraglider without spending too much money?
- You want extremely easy and stable flight characteristics, but also enough speed to fly in higher winds?
- You want the ability to do really extreme aerobatics, but also relaxed and gentle behaviour, paired with extreme flight times?
Then you’re right!
AIRC2fly Swift is a compact, all-round single skin, RC-paraglider that pleases beginners as much as professionals. Its sophisticated construction allows the omission of reinforcing elements like nylon rods or Mylar tapes, yet still get an extremely stable and clean wing.

- Swift flies extremely stable and relaxed.
- Swift doesn’t collapse, even in the hardest maneuverers.
- Swift is very easy to launch.
- Swift is super easy to pack. There are no nylons that could get kinked.
Yet the leading edge always stays round and nearly wrinkle-free.
The flying characteristics of the Swift are very dynamic, but never critical. It can be flown in higher winds without additional ballast, as well as being accelerated very well and remains, thanks to its good aerodynamics, sovereign in the air.
Swift is available in the following colours:
Technical data:
Wingspan: ca 2m
Wing area: ca 0.8m²
Panels: 21
Fabric: Porcher Skytex 27
Lines: aramid 25/50 daN spliced
Package including: Paraglider Swift ready to fly and tested, bag, manual.
Swift was developed completely by the multiple winner of the “German Para Masters”, Joachim Schweigler. All of his experience went into the model, to develop a wing that helps you play in the first league.
AIRC2fly Swift is a must have for every RC paraglider pilot, as well as those who wish to become one.
RC Paraglider AIRC2fly Swift
Pilot Siggi
Motor Graupner Compact 345Z
ESC Graupner Compact Control 45 BEC
Propeller Graupner E-Prop 8x5
2x Servo Graupner DES 586 BB

€ 509,00